Kelley Henriott

Vice President of Operations & Small Business Consultant


Purdue University - BS: Financial Planning & Counseling

Relevant Professional Experience

Banking, Credit Cards & Accounting

Why are you in this profession?

At some point, everyone needs insurance.  We are in the protection business and every client we work with has their own unique needs.  When they bring these unique needs to the table, we're there to provide customized solutions.  It's ever changing and never dull. 

What are your career goals?

Staying on top of continuous business improvement.  Because of technology, we look vastly different today than we did when I started here in 2000. Change can be scary to some, but it happens, and it's imperative we stay educated.  I enjoy researching new and improved ways to work with clients to simplify our internal processes.  These changes will be constant throughout my career here, so my goal is to stay connected and educated to help others.

Why are you at HGI?

Being fortunate enough to be the 3rd generation here, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way my Grandpa & Dad fight the good fight for their clients & employees.  There is a remarkable amount of heart and soul that goes into doing what's best for our clients & employees, and I am grateful for the opportunity to follow in their footsteps - continuing that tradition (adding in my own flare of course!).

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