Business Insurance & Risk Management

  • We offer traditional insurance coverages needed by most wholesalers and distributors.
  • Henriott Group works with doctors to physician groups to clinics and continuing care facilities.

Organizations of all sizes and varieties face exposures to loss that can have a crippling effect on the organization and its ability to fulfill its mission.  How your organization addresses these exposures varies depending on the sophistication of your needs, the availability of resources (both human and financial) and the level of exposure inherent in your business. 

As professional insurance and risk management advisors, our goal regardless of the situation is to reduce your long-term cost of risk.  After that, however, there is no “one-size fits all” approach to helping you and your business achieve that goal.  Our client service advisors will work with you to tailor the program to meet your specific needs.  For our smaller clients, a well structured insurance program such as those offered within our Select Accounts unit will be appropriate.  For clients with more sophisticated needs, our unique Milestone program will be the best fit.  In any case, you can be assured that your Henriott team will work closely with you to implement the solution that’s right for you!

Learn more about our Milestone Risk Management program by contacting one of our Risk Consultants directly.

Specialty Areas

We specialize in the following: Manufacturing, Municipalities & Public Entities, Construction, Healthcare, Technology, Social Services, Agri-Business, Wholesale & Distribution, Professional Services, Retail, and Property Exposures. Learn More...

  • Manufacturing. We represent manufacturing clients throughout the Midwest ranging in size from small, single location businesses to companies with locations and employees around the world.
  • Municipalities & Public Entities. At Henriott, we understand the need to balance ever-increasing risk management exposures with ever-decreasing public entity budgets, and we have successfully done this without sacrificing the level of service our public entity clients deserve.
  • Construction. We represent a wide variety of clients in the construction industry, from large general contractors to specialized subcontractors to suppliers to the construction industry.
  • Healthcare. Henriott Group works with doctors to physician groups to clinics and continuing care facilities.
  • Technology.  Henriott Group represents a wide variety of clients in the expanding field of “technology”, from computer programmers to software developers to sophisticated bio-technology firms. We have worked with early stage, start-up organizations to businesses with mature products and services and understand the unique risks faced by firms across the spectrum.
  • Social Services. We understand first-hand the unique needs and exposures of social service agencies of all types and have the carrier relationships that are critical in this segment.
  • Agri-Business. We provide insurance and risk management solutions to a wide range of agriculture businesses, including food distributors, fertilizer dealers and distributors, grain facilities, nurseries and many others.
  • Wholesale & Distribution. We offer traditional insurance coverages needed by most wholesalers and distributors, including property, products and premises liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, e-commerce and executive protection.
  • Professional Services. We have experience with professional service providers of all types, including accountants, lawyers, engineers, marketing and advertising firms.
  • Retail. From restaurants to main street shops to many other retail establishments, we have the products and services to serve your needs.
  • Property Exposures. Apartment buildings, condos, retail or business investments…all have unique exposures that our staff can help you with.

Products & Services

As stated in our Mission, our goal is to provide our property and casualty clients with innovative and cost effective risk management and insurance solutions.  These solutions often include the purchase of insurance products, but for an insurance program to be effective over the long-term, it is just as important to have adequate risk management policies and procedures in place. Learn More...

At Henriott Group, we have the product expertise and carrier relationships to deliver the unique coverages your organization needs, from basic property and liability coverages to more sophisticated coverages such as executive protection, errors and omissions, environmental and foreign liability, among others.


Business Insurance Coverages

We manage the following kinds of policies: Builders Risk; Business Owners Policy; Commerical Auto; Commercial Property; Directors & Officers; Employment Practices Liability; Environmental & Pollution Liability; General Liability; Network Security/Internet Liability; Professional Liability; Umbrella; Workers Compensation. Learn More...

  • Builders Risk. The Builders Risk Policy is designed to provide coverage for direct loss or damage from covered causes of loss to buildings and structures under construction.
  • Business Owners Policy. Business Owner Policies are similar to a homeowners policy, offering both property and liability protection.
  • Commercial Auto. A business auto policy may cover a variety of operations, including trucking, garaging, public and private transport and businesses with auto exposures that fall outside the other classes.
  • Commercial Property. Commercial property policy provides coverage for real and personal property that is used in a business.
  • Directors & Officers. Directors and Officers coverage supplements the protection provided by General Liability policies to include certain claims filed against the company or its offices and directors for “management malpractice.”
  • Employment Practices Liability. Hiring and firing practices have become legal minefields that have spurred the development of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).
  • Environmental & Pollution Liability. The Environmental and Pollution Liability policy is a form of insurance designed to cover losses and liabilities arising from damage to property caused by pollution.
  • General Liability. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy insures the bodily injury liability and property damage liability exposures of commercial businesses, enterprises and ventures.
  • Network Security/Cyber Liability. Most traditional policies exclude liability caused by the theft of private information due to security breaches of your network, costs to notify those individuals or business affected, as well as any damage done to your own software or harware.  Cyber Liability coverage can fill that gap.
  • Professional Liability. Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, have long been held highly accountable for the consequences of their decisions.
  • Umbrella.Most underlying policies do not include limits high enough for most businesses, so umbrellas are needed to extend coverage limits for claims that otherwise could cripple the organization.
  • Workers Compensation. Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Coverage insures against claims for work-related injuries or diseases suffered by employees that are compensable by statute and/or imposed by law as damages.

Risk Management Services

We offer the following services: Education; Training; Exposure Identification & Analysis; Loss Control & Safety; Claims Review & Analysis; Insurance Program Review; Risk Transfer & Contractural Review; Financing Alternatives. Learn More...

  • Education & Training. We provide a variety of education and training opportunities for our clients, including but not limited to: “Risk Management 101” presentations to management, supervisors, department heads or other appropriate personnel; Topic specific presentations such as effective safety practices and methods to reduce workers comp costs; and Coverage specific education in areas such as Executive Protection, Internet Liability, Business Interruption and many others.
  • Exposure Identification & Analysis. Protecting your business starts with understanding its exposures. As your broker, we will help you identify the risks faced by your business so that together we can discuss and evaluate effective solutions.
  • Loss Control & Safety. Companies with effective safety and loss control programs have a significant competitive advantage over those who do not. As your broker, we review and improve your environmental, health and safety practices and to help you achieve a competitive advantage in your industry.
  • Claims Review & Analysis. Regular claims review meetings are necessary to stay on top of issues and trends and to identify corrective actions as soon as possible.
  • Insurance Program Review. Understanding the insurance coverages available to address the exposures faced by your business is critical. Using industry checklists, underwriting guides and our own proprietary coverage checklists, we will meet with you to review the coverages you have in place and those that are available to you.
  • Risk Transfer & Contractual Review. We can assist your business in avoiding unnecessary risks by reviewing significant contracts for risk transfer opportunities, establishing certificate of insurance guidelines and tracking methods, etc.
  • Financing Alternatives. We evaluate your business’ appetite for risk, its ability to manage the exposure you choose to retain and the appropriate financing structure for your program.

Business Financial Solutions

Organizations don't think twice about insuring their buildings, equipment and other key assets.  However they often overlook the significant and real exposures created by the sudden loss or disability of a key employee, the challenges of transferring ownership of a business in the event of death or disability of an owner and similar financial hurdles that organizations face.  To learn more about the solutions available to you and your business, contact your Risk Consultant or Al Grayson, Henriott's Financial Services rep.

Insurance Claims

Our Account Management team is dedicated to providing high quality claims and loss control services to our business clients. Each business client is assigned an account manager who serves as the client's advocate and liaison with the insurance company adjuster. Our professional staff routinely meets with adjusters and clients to assist with open claims, analyze claim trends, and resolve outstanding claim issues. Learn More & Download Forms...

Henriott Group also offers a full array of Employee Benefit programs as well as Personal Insurance products to meet the needs of our clients and their employees.