Business Administration & Compliance

Whether you’re a small business owner juggling HR duties with all the other hats you wear, or an HR manager at a larger organization, your time (and that of your team) is being spread thin and the workload just keeps getting bigger. From payroll, to hiring, on-boarding, evaluating employees, to employee benefit administration, to compliance, to the many other tasks that end up in HR, it can be overwhelming. Our team has been in your shoes and feels your pain. We’ll partner with you to identify administration and compliance burdens and obligations with an eye toward freeing more of your time to devote to more strategic HR initiatives. Let our team help with matters such as:

  • Benefit compliance and record keeping
  • EEOC, DOL, OSHA, NLRB, Federal, State & Local compliance, record keeping and reporting
  • HR policies and procedures review and development
  • HR & Safety process audits
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Employee communications
  • Coaching, guidance and response plans for sensitive employee related topics
  • Payroll/HR technology platforms
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