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Gen Z Makes Their Move - Conexus

Zach Finn Joins Henriott Group

Zach Finn Joins Henriott Group, Inc. as Director of Risk Management

Flu Shots During the Pandemic? Yes, Please

Mindful Tips with Mindy

Life Insurance - Do I Even Need it?

Henriott Inteviews Preventia

Improving the health of employees AND decreasing your businesses medical costs? WIN-WIN!

Is social distancing changing our thinking?

"My brain was screaming! Why are they letting these kids hug?"

Welcoming Leslie Fernung

Good news to share!

Client Focused. Results Driven.

Henriott's tagline is "Client Focused. Results Driven."....but what does that really mean?

Essential as a Noun?

The Day the Word Essential Became a Noun

COVID-19 and Personal Insurance

Working from home? Delivering groceries or food for a restaurant? If you said YES to either of these, you may not have the right personal insurance coverage on you home and/or auto policies. Check this out!

"It's not covered..."

Dealing with the difficult "It's not covered" conversation

Human Resource Services Now Available!

Henriott has a big announcement! We are bringing a new element to our already robust list of services. Human Resource Services are now available and here is our introduction!

Welcoming Jake Franklin

A good news announcement we'd like to share with you!

COVID-19 Breaking Down the Game

Breaking Down COVID-19 and Insurance for Businesses

Is the Insurance Industry at it Again? Part 1

Let's talk about what insurance IS and what it is NOT...

Work From Home 15

How the "Freshman 15" is relatable to our new reality!

COVID-19 What are you doing?

Mere Mortals? I think not...

Your Benefits During COVID-19

Top 4 Tips Regarding Your Benefits During COVID-19

Risk Management & Coronavirus

Check out this short read by Gary Henriott where he addresses the role Risk Management plays in dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

COVID-19 and Your Business

Are you covered by your Business Insurance Policy?

The future impact of COVID-19

The “Hangover”. And I’m not talking about the movie.

School Maintenance Culture

With school back in, this information is not only relevant but also timely! What are your thoughts on Kelly Kitchel's latest blog regarding School Maintenance Culture?

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Here is another great blog from Kelly Kitchel! His experience and insight in the school sector comes to life in these short reads!

Can You Predict the Future?

Unplanned event? Near Misses? Close Call? How do YOU learn from things like this?

Left of Bang

Do you know the phrase, "Left of Bang"? Check out this short read by Kelly Kitchel and find out why risk management plays such an important role in your world.

7 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

7 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

What's Next, Jif's Creamy Peanut Butter?!

For you avid readers of this blog (Bueller? Bueller?), you recall earlier this year I informed you of the increasing rate of theft involving one of my favorite foods...Haagen-Dazs ice cream

"Let There Be Light!"

If you would like the opportunity to not only SEE her exhibit, but also meet her, she is having a reception at our office on Friday, March 24 from 4pm-6pm!

Rev Up Your Risk Management

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Think the #1 source of safety claims is shootings, school bus intruders & violence? Think again...

Most school personnel I talk to deservedly boast about their school safety programs to prevent shootings, school bus intruders and other campus violence.

Can a school's data negatively affect our kid's futures?

You lock school entrance doors, use a buzz-in system, make visitors wear identity badges and hire security personnel to patrol your building. You’re doing everything you know to provide a safe environment for your students.

The Dreaded Flu & Cold Season...Can You Outrun it?

Wouldn’t you love to get through the cold and flu season without either of those maladies? To help you achieve that, Henriott applied the five interconnected elements that shape our overall wellbeing to create these tips for staying cold- and flu-free.

What's At Risk When Shopping for Insurance Online? Possibly Everything!

For many, insurance is a confusing subject, so it is important to have an agent you can trust and easily work with.

Congratulations Annette, Rob & Family!

Congratulations Annette, Rob & Family!

Top 5 Ways to Apply the Final EEOC Ruling to Wellness Programs

On May 17, 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued their final rule related to wellness programs.

Our Health and Wellness Activities

So far this year we've completed a Stairwell Challenge.

Hidden Components of a Black Box

A black box is any device whose workings are not understood by or accessible to its user.

C'Mon Man! Up in Smoke.

Up In Smoke: Homeowners Policy's Theft Coverage DOES NOT Apply to Seized Marijuana Plants

C'Mon Man! Munchies & Product Recall...

You guessed it. Marijuana. Aka…pot, weed, dope, bud, grass, mary jane, bong….you get the picture. Finally, 25 years removed from the college scene, my grown up career comes face to face with, ummm, stuff I heard about in college.

C'mon Man! Monkey See - Monkey Do!

Just for the record, I love animals. Well, ok, I’m not a fan of a mouse in the house or a bat in my habitat, but otherwise I consider myself an animal fan.

C'Mon Man! My Kind of Judge

I think this might be my first C’Mon Man post where I’m actually doling out praise for a particular person rather than pointing out the typical absurdity or “dumbassness” displayed by individuals or businesses from time to time.