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What would we do without our pets!

We love our pets, so much so that pet insurance has exploded as an industry as we try to keep fluffy and spot alive and well into a ripe old age.  I’ve never bought pet insurance, although I could have used it when Frasier, our Lab/Collie mix who had been with us for 12 years, ended up at the vet because part of a bone, one that we gave to him and that was supposed to be good for him, got lodged in his esophogous, requiring surgery.  Thankfully, he made it though the surgery but only long enough to say Goodbye as he died in recovery.  Now’s he’s in the back yard, permanently.

Anyway, pet insurance wouldn’t have helped heal the emotional loss, but could have eased the pain on the pocketbook, particularly since all the costs we incurred didn’t even give Frasier the opportunity to chase another squirrel, take a long walk or hump another leg.  So when I saw this story come across the wire, I knew we had to put this in our C’Mon Man series, since you can’t make up these amazing pet stories…and the best part is all these animals made full recoveries!

Pet insurer giving award for oddest claim

A California pet health insurance company said finalists for the strangest claim of the year award include a dog that swallowed 100 rocks.
Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. of Brea said finalists for the VPI Hambone Award, given each year for the most unusual pet health-insurance claim, include Harley, a pug that ate 100 rocks while boarding at a veterinarian's office, and Chico, a Chihuahua that sustained injuries when it was lifted off the ground by a great horned owl.
Other finalists include a cat named Eddy that landed on a hot wood stove while chasing a fly and a toy poodle named Howie that needed more than 15 visits to the veterinarian to remove an acorn from its windpipe.
VPI said all of the animals made full recoveries and visitors to VPIHamboneAward.com can vote on the finalists through Sept. 20.
The company, which insures more than 485,000 pets in the United States, said the award was named after Hambone, a dog that ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while trapped in a refrigerator.
Publication Date 09/08/2011, Source: UPI Quirks in the News
Image provided by freedigitalphotos.net