We have done our homework.

Head of the class is where your school should be when it comes to policies that keep your students, faculty, and staff safe and your organization running smoothly despite the inevitable risks of operating an educational facility in the 21st century.

We want to help your team focus on preparing the minds that shape our tomorrow, not reacting to unexpected and unwanted surprises. You can’t prevent 100% of the risks that school corporations face, after all, you deal with human beings in every way, shape and form. However, it is possible to prevent many of risks you face and to be prepared for those you can’t – in fact we would suggest it’s not only possible but it’s a responsibility to the community you serve. Sadly, many school corporations can’t afford the time or dollars out of their budget to staff the resources needed to meet this responsibility, and often rely too heavily on an insurance agent and/or an insurance program that they hope are adequate. Hope is not a strategy, and that’s where we come in. We’ve done our homework. We know you’re constrained financially and with your time. We also know you want the best for your school corporation and the kids and parents and community you serve. Let us help you face these challenges (and more) head on:

  • School, campus and playground safety
  • Disaster planning and continuity
  • Cyber exposure
  • Bus/fleet safety
  • Injury prevention and best practices
  • Educators legal liability
  • Sexual harassment and bullying
  • Risk transfer and contractual review
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