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Why planning for your financial future has never been more important...

One of the greatest fears of individuals and families is the uncertainty surrounding their financial future. It’s no wonder. Most people will live 20-30 years after retirement but have thought little about how they’ll fund their lifestyle and their needs after their main source of income – their job – is over.

We’re living longer as a society but our sources of income – Social Security, our savings and our income – are struggling to keep pace. Add the rising cost of healthcare, paying for college, volatility of the stock market and the unpredictability of our economy, future taxes and inflation, and the anxiety is certainly understandable.

At Henriott, we help our clients assess these risks, how they might impact their future financial and retirement goals, and present options that provide greater security, flexibility and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Client concerns that we regularly address include:

  • Planning for the financial impact of death or disability of a loved one
  • Outliving savings in retirement
  • Providing a consistent income that they can count on
  • Planning for healthcare, including long-term care
  • Managing taxes in retirement
  • Transferring wealth to heirs or charitable organizations

If these are the sort of questions that keep you up at night, give us a call to schedule a time for a free consultation.

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