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  • Bachelor of Science, Community Health, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

What other professions have you tried?

  • Most recently, I worked for Greater Lafayette Commerce, which is Tippecanoe County's Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization. I also have extensive experience in fund development for non-profit organizations and retail management. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is that I have been a small business owner for nearly a decade.

Why did you choose insurance as your profession?

  • I chose this profession because of my love for business. I want to see businesses and the professionals who run them succeed, and I can do that at Henriott Group on a deeper level than I ever could before.

Why Henriott?

  • I am proud to work for Henriott Group because of its strength and reputation in the industry and community. Furthermore, its values align with mine. It is client-focused, community-minded, and filled with people who genuinely care about people. Those things, along with the products and services offers, makes for a winning equation for me and my clients as well.  |  765.838.8617

Do you volunteer anywhere?

  • I am a board member at LTHC Homeless Services and serve dozens of other local non-profit organizations through financial support, volunteerism, and participation in various events and fundraisers.

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