Safety, Team Member Engagement and Continuous Improvement. Are these important to you?

The pace of change is accelerating. This brings tremendous opportunities for your organization and for your team members, but it can also bring concerns and challenges. High functioning organizations historically have a positive safety record and high team member engagement, but they also recognize that complacency can set in and accidents do happen. Accidents are a confluence of events that go unnoticed, unreported, and therefore unresolved, as your Risk Manager Henriott Group remains committed to providing cutting edge solutions and expertise to support your team as you deal with ever changing work environments. Imagine a scenario, much like modern weather forecasting, where data can be leveraged to predict the onset of an accident or an injury and could be proactive rather than reactive.

Through our partnership with MākuSafe® we are helping our clients tackle these problems:

  • Expanding the reach of your safety professionals.
  • Targeted safety engagement
  • Automate leading indicator safety data collection
  • Promote good catches
  • Connected worker
  • IoT & 4.0 adoption

Award Winning MākuSafe® Technology & Data Analytics

See how workforce wearables, hazard management, & compliance ease improve safety and culture.

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