Marquis Claims Assistance

An auto accident, house fire or other mishaps that occur can be scary, unsettling and frustrating. Many of these result in the need to turn in a claim to your insurance agent or carrier. When you're already feeling out of sorts because of the incident, it can feel even more daunting to go through the requirements of turning in a claim.

We will help you through the process by making sure it is going as it should and help as a liaison between our clients and the insurance carrier.

  • We are the mediator for our clients when there is confusion or delays with the insurance carrier.
  • We will acknowledge your claim within three days after the claim has been submitted to ensure:
    • You have been contacted by an adjuster
    • Answer any questions or concerns you may have
    • Make sure you know how to contact us should further assistance be needed
  • We will monitor the progress of the claim and follow up with an email upon closure.