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No matter what your situation may be, you don't have to tackle the big Medicare mystery on your own—or suffer the confusion, stress and worry that so often come with it.

My Medicare 101 presentation is a quick, easy-to-understand tutorial that will help you make sense of this otherwise overwhelming decision process that means so much to your family and your retirement.

Choose from one of the event dates and locations to the right and, then, join me for a relaxing and informal, but highly informative, 60-minute session that will help you:

  • Understand how Medicare is set up—the costs and the coverage.
  • Learn what supplemental plans are, and why they're important.
  • Know your financial risks related to deadlines, penalties and the prospect of being over-or under-insured.
  • In a nutshell, see why it's important to approach Medicare more strategically, to optimize your income potential and your peace of mind going into retirement.
    —And much more.

Plus, I'm happy to make myself available for questions afterwards.
Hope to see you there!

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Maria is amazing the way she takes such a complicated subject and makes it understandable. And the fact that she's local here in Lafayette ... It just takes the intimidation factor away.

Fred Carmichael

Human Resources, Lafayette Venetian Blind

It's important to me and my professional integrity that, when I refer our retiring employees to Maria for advice on Medicare, I know they'll get the very best counsel they can.

Dana Obuch

Human Resources, JBS United

When I hear someone stressing out about Medicare, I tell them all the time, 'Call Maria. She knows this stuff inside out, she'll know what to do.' It's just not worth it to face the government on your own. And there is no other resource like her in this area. Maria helped my wife last year to get on the best plans available, and helped me this year!! Maria put us both on one plan together this year, that even saved us more!! She is the BEST!!

Ned Swanson