Time Management Assistance

Outsourcing your Human Resources may seem counter intuitive it does not take away from the human aspect. In fact, we take on the administrative and compliance topics to support your most valuable asset, your employees. You know your business, we know HR. Let us listen as you talk about what you want to accomplish and allow us to bring our expertise and our tools to free you and your team up to get on with running your business.

Whether you need support for the long haul or in the interim, we have solutions to fit your business model. You can lean on our experienced HR team for:

  • Day-to-day HR support
  • Stand-in during intermittent leaves or turnover with current HR staff
  • During your company growth or downsizing
  • Utilize our service for coaching and guidance on your specific HR topics
  • Outsource some of your HR functions
  • Outsource HR projects to support your strategic initiatives.
  • Outsource your entire HR process

You should no longer feel that you need to add HR staff to accomplish new goals or initiatives. Use Henriott to remove capacity constraints, to work hand in glove with your leadership team or HR department to lighten the load or deliver results sooner.

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